Global market multifruit V 1.0.3a FS17 – LS 17 mods

LS 17 mods

Global market multifruit V 1.0.3a FS17 – LS 17 mods

Version 1.0.3a
Fruit varieties update:
16 new fruits
sugarCane crude_oil peat triticale meal biogas butter hayPellets strawPellets earth soil yoghurt biodiesel
Missing entry corrected. Sorry people

Global Market

HELLO LOVE Teammate.
We have once made the global market.


A GREAT THANKS to Balu_AutoDrive for his ingenious mod,
who had unfortunately stopped him due to lack of time, but released him to continue building / improving.

Hereby we present to you the new global market.

1.Chat is back, but still limited, it is still no ä, ü and ö and special characters.
Solution: Instead of Ä, Ö write AE / OE.
only a limited number of words are possible for the time being
Hello custom wheat

2.New Store inserted.This is also Multifruit, and will be lit in the evening.
(It can also people from the standard maps where no rye etc installed have these remove and sell again, (where also wheat is then sold at a reasonable price.)
But CAUTION . On standard maps where the fruit (MULTIFRUIT) does not have only buy and Selling (no tipping over TerrainDetailHigh on the map possible)

3.The client syntactically 1 to 1
is called in clear text,
you pour 8 to pure and the other players see your 8 to immediately

4.Prices are changed weekly
5. Who want to change his name, and not want to name a user, proceed as follows;
open globalMarket folder, which is then on your mods folder when you’ve inserted all this.

You search the file;

opens it with notpad or with an editor
Search the line

<username> user </ username> and change it the way you hold it in game
eg <username> heart </ username>

important: just change the name, NOT remove anything else Then go to the top of file and save, there

will be a detailed video of exit where you step by step explained from the beginning to the end.

(instalation of the mod)

1) download the mod
2) unpack the mod
3) The 2 zip files in the modsfolder push
4) the yellow folder (globalMarket) comes in there where your mods folder are. (see picture)
looks like that with you;

global market

5) Then open your game and buy the global market place.
Important: save the game and quit. But before you reboot, open the yellow folder (globalMarket)
and look for the file; Global_Market_Client.exe, double click with the mouse, as a table opens where you can see the current state of the fruits, what is offered in the market.
leave the table open and go into your game.

IMPORTANT: THE CLIENT MUST ALWAYS BE OPEN IN THE BACKGROUND; OTHERWISE THE MARKET DOES NOT WORK. If you dump a trailer into the market, wait for 5 seconds to dump the next trailer.

that was it.

It is forbidden to change this version or to upload it in any other way whatsoever.
Who wants to operate his global market takes the original file from balu, and makes himself.

Moderator base: Balu_AutoDrive

New version: |
Multifruit, chat feature restricted, client autoupdate, etc

Programmed by wingi
Hosted and Server Maintenance at Deejay
script support susi29
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