What we should know about Farming Simulator 17 Features! – LS17 mods

LS 17 mods

What we should know about Farming Simulator 17 Features! – LS17 mods

  • The menu has gotten 12 new graphics settings
  • You can choose between male and female character(s?) with different sets of clothes
  • You can even name your character.
  • The AI helpers intelligence is a lot better than in previous games, this means they will avoid obstacles and not drive into trees like they used to do.
  • You can tell your helper where to refill the seeds,
  • The helpers will wear different outfits
  • The helpers status is displayed on your HUD so you’ll always know what they are doing.
  • The weight will affect the tires air pressure(assuming you see the tires being under a lot of pressure)
  • You can toggle manual ignition off/on in the menu.
  • Pigs has been confirmed as the new animal type in the game
  • You can select whether you want to deliver your animals to the different stables yourself or have the game do it(the game will charge a sum for doing this)
  • You can transport the animals using the new Joskin RDS 7500 Betimax.
  • All animals in FS17 can be bred.
  • From the beginning there will be 4 finished radio channels in the game and you can expand even further with the livestream radio in the game(kinda like ETS2).
  • The new map will have several 4 lane roads(2 lanes on each side)
  • We got a new brand and that’s Manitou with a telehandler
  • We can now STRAP down our cargo on our trailers so no more bales falling off(YAY)
  • Big bags are a thing, you can transport them using a frontloader or a trailer
  • In the presentation the MF 8700 and Fendt 900 Vario was shown.
  • You’ll be able to make adjustments to the machines before buying them(Engine, Transmission, Color and rim color) and if you wanna make some changes you can do so at a workshop
  • You can also rent the machines for 1/10 of the regular price(not sure for how long)
  • You can also buy twin tires for many of the MF tractors
  • They also added a few new placeable objects like Silos, Workshops, Machine halls
  • You need to buy more silos because there is now a storage limit on them
  • The tending of the fields has been made more complicated, you need to plow after the 3rd harvest each time so harvest 1+2+3 then plow, harvest 1+2+3 then plow, harvest 1+2+3 and repeat, if you don’t the yield from the harvest on that field will be decreased by 10%(hopefully more depending on difficulty)
  • there is also 3 different levels of fertilization.(EDIT: should add 30% per time you fert)
  • Sunflower is a new crop(they will always face the sun) Soybeans are a new crop as well and radish has been added as a cover crop(acts like fertilizer when plowed/cultivated) and we can now spread manure,slurry, fertilizer on grass.
  • The lighting has been overhauled and the lights on the vehicles has been improved and they will even stay turned on if you leave the vehicle
  • Also a new smartphone app has been made that you can link to a dedicated server, where you can group chat, and possible see how your fields are looking etc
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