The Moris Country V 3 5.3002 FS 17

LS 17 Maps

The Moris Country V 3 5.3002 FS 17

Version 3 5.3002
produktion komplet um und neu gebaut
strawPellets hayPellets, können eingelagert werden, werden aber nicht in der anzeige angezeigt

Version 3 5.3002
Production completely rebuilt and new
strawPellets hayPellets, can be stored but are not shown in the display


Forest uninformed now have the choice to purchase trees or “forsten”

* Please note the information on the map.

Production optimization

it is as always mindes the “tipColMap.grle” to delete and who would like also the “fruit_density.gdm” and “cultivator_density.gdm” “splitShapes.gmss”

It is also the field fruits reset


Version 3.6

Hof kommplet new and changed

2 new products and 2 new fruits in production

Existing productions are rebuilt and adapted.

General fruit registration kommplet new

(The rafting and the mill can now be delivered to production) and be loaded and unloaded at the farm

In the map-extras is a box-trailer, so plums, cherries, meat / sausage, sandwich and waffle must be driven

“The Morisland v2 Version 2.5” finished * more or less *

It should not be a new game stand, but it must not all XML

Files in the memory.

This causes the field plant to be lost, and the “heap” is also lost


What was changed is very much to 1.7

Vehicles in the hall at the cuhstall solten first brought forward to the main house.

In the map “zip” is a small description of the map and production and modd’s

Which are needed

I wish you much fun


(The animals are intended to be released)

My thanks gild the indirect contributing scripts, 3D models have made available

The testers of the HoG

I wish you much fun with my map

People the motives, do not invite nix say, mop does not need a human!



Model: 3dmodelle / Gians / is unfortunately not known to me
Texture: gians / agsteam / moricespencer
Script: Blacksheep / RC-Devil / kevink98 / Marhu / Blacky_BPG / vortex1988 / graphic-edv
Idea / concept: moricespencer
Tester: moricespencer, member of the HoG association
Other: thanks to the people who are not listed, because unknown.
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    bonne carte mais j’arrive pas a mener le betail a l’abattoir pour la viande et les saucisses ca prend pas a voir le defaut ou m’expliquer comment faire merci

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