Russian Tractors Pack v1.0 FS 19

FS 19 Packs

Russian Tractors Pack v1.0 FS 19

The pack includes our tractor.
MTZ 1221.4 Author: corad60, igorela21, Nikos977
Power – 132 HP Max Speed ​​- 43 km / h. Buck 100 liters. Price – 8 200. There is a choice of wheels when buying. Work light and dashboard. Dirty and washed.

MTZ 1221 Author: corad60, igorela21
Power – 130 HP Speed ​​- 43 km / h. Buck 100 liters. Price – 82 200, service – 822 per day. The choice of design, wheels. Work board. Wash

17 TZ 17221 Author: Pavel Vakulov, T-150, Dima Kostin, FS-TV, MelMax
Characteristics of the tractor:
Two engines to choose from: JAMZ 236 (170 hp), YaMZ-238 (240 hp). Max Speed ​​- 40 km / h. The price is 39 000-83 000. Tank – 430 liters. Animated seat pedals. Work light and dashboard. Dirty and washed. Pure record.

Kirovets К 744Р3 Published by: Clondike, SANJKA, KAISER, – = F @ RMeR = -, FS-TV, Kerevey
The tractor has engine power – 390 and 420 hp. Max Speed ​​- 30 km / h. The price – 50 000. Deposit in 1 162 liters. Dynamic hoses Work lighting, mirrors and tidy. Dirty and washed.
The sound works in the file. The panel is displayed correctly.

Kirovets K 700A Author: Gigantes, DeutransPaule, Premiumlike
Engine power – 225, 300 and 500 HP. Max Speed ​​- 35 km / h. The price – 90 000. Tank over 1 510 liters. Work lighting Spark The choice of color. Dynamic hoses Dirty and washed.

MTZ-1025 Author: Nikita Vlasov, sokur196
The tractor has an animated cardan. Work lighting and mirrors. Wheel Native wheels. Price – 9 100. Max. Speed ​​- 42 km / h. Motor power – 105 HP. Tank na120 liters. Pure record.

HTZ T 150 Author: Kerevey Ruslan
Speed ​​- 43 km / h. Power – 175 HP Price – 45000. Dynamic hoses. Work lighting Wash

MTZ 82 Author: Alali, Gery
Motor power – 80 HP. Max Speed ​​- 42 km / h. The price – 47 500. A tank of 160 liters. Work lighting, mirrors and dashboard. Dirty and washed.

YuMZ 6L By: Max1985, Tornado, Nickel77, Clondike, Mtz-2l, ANDREI1994, Mr.President
Power of the tractor engine – 60 HP. Max Speed ​​- 40 km / h. The price – 4 600. A tank of 160 liters. Work lighting Dirty and washed. Wear / aging technology.

MTZ 4522 Author: Kerevey
Engine capacity – 269 l / c. Max Speed ​​- 50 km / h. Price – 100 000. The choice of the engine, the wheels and the brand, the color of the tire when buying. Beacon powered .. Buck 545 liters. Work lighting, mirrors and dashboard.

MTZ 82 Old author: Max1985, Tornado, Nickel77, Vova Dimitrenko, ANDREI1994, Clondike, Temati, scholl, Aleksejka
Good old tractor. Motor power (MMZ D-243) – 81 HP. Max Speed ​​- 35 km / h. The price – 23 500. Tank – 120 liters. Dynamic hoses Work lighting and mirrors. Dirty and washed.
Added the mirrors, the tank is now at 120l. Fix the suspension. The tractor is not talking in the field now.

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