Pinecreek Hills V 1.3.0 Lichtedition for FS 2017

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Pinecreek Hills V 1.3.0 Lichtedition for FS 2017

Welcome to Pinecreek Hills. This map takes the map that comes with the game as the base and builds on it. At the beginning you are the owner of two farms:
Your home with chickens and the possibility of further animal husbandry (sheep, cows, pigs) directly at the farm. There are plenty of shelters for a large fleet.
Your forestry in the east of the map with a crane, a machine hall with woodchip storage and space for a temporary storage of trunks. There is a huge forest which includes flat (for beginners) and hilly / rocky terrain for advanced. Professionals can try to get the dead trees out of the river or fall the trees on the rocky and steep slope at the pumped-storage power plant.


V 1.3 Work-at-Night Edition
– addied several lights which you can activate manually (Credits: vertexdezign)
– fixing of Ground Collisions
– textur und terrainfixing
– fixing the shed lights in multiplayer
– bugfixing

V 1.2 (Release)
– complete reconstruction of the farm with new halls (animated doors)
– transfer of all husbandrys to the farm, including two silos for the cows
– creation of a spacious forest area in the north-east of the map
– construction of a forestry with a crane in the east of the map
– reinforcement of existing forest areas
– enlargement of various fields
– move the Goldcrest Pacific Grain
– various changes to the terrain

Field dimensions and prices (€)
Field 01 : 5.100 ha, 413 115
Field 02 : 1.334 ha, 108 062
Field 03 : 2.952 ha, 239 094
Field 04 : 13.892 ha, 1 125 252
Field 05 : 1.329 ha, 107 641
Field 06 : 1.728 ha, 139 938
Field 07 : 0.379 ha, Starting Field
Field 08 : 0.577 ha, 46 733
Field 09 : 2.826 ha, 228 901
Field 10 : 2.095 ha, Starting Field
Field 11 : 0.899 ha, Starting Field
Field 12 : 0.655 ha, 53 038
Field 13 : 0.667 ha, 54 003
Field 14 : 0.554 ha, Starting Field
Field 15 : 8.535 ha, 691 353
Field 16 : 0.646 ha, 52 336
Field 17 : 3.229 ha, 261 549
Field 18 : 1.793 ha, 145 241
Field 19 : 1.000 ha, 80 974
Field 20 : 2.960 ha, 239 760
Field 21 : 8.128 ha, 658 389
Field 22 : 6.246 ha, 565 904
Field 23 : 4.534 ha, 367 234
Field 24 : 5.566 ha, 450 829
Field 25 : 3.213 ha, 260 256
Field 26 : 7.007 ha, 567 532

Worth knowing
Despite the tests in the single- and multiplayer, mistakes can not be excluded. The following is a more detailed guide:
The implement of well known and often used placeable objects (seeds, workshop, …) was intentionally renounced in order to grant the player more liberties. On the farm is enaugh Space for small to medium placeable objects.
Due to the high number of trees, players with weaker Computers can get lags in the forest area. In this case we recommend to downgrade the visibility or the graphics-Settings in the general to get a smooth game experience.
On one of the starting fields, the Easteregg built by Giants on the original map was implemented again.
Due to the attempt to create a effective fields, there may be helper problems (machine-dependent) in individual cases.
Due to the setting process of the trees in the editor in connection with the form of the object of the trees as well as by changing the terrain, trees or other objects may occur in the air, although we have passed the forest and changed parts of the map several times (with 3-5 players). In this case, I beg your pardon and ask you to send me a message with a screenshot where the mini-card can be seen.

I thank Shoebeck for help with the forest building, Eribus for creating wonderful new textures ( ), the Agrarteam Franken for their vehicle hall ( ) and T0xic0M for creating the metal beams and stumps
Furthermore, I would like to thank the team of the Shoebecks Prototypenschmiede, who had many ideas and considerably accelerated the extensive testing of the map; in particular: Shoebeck, Goldman, EniGmaa

The rights of the map lie with me (Gullivergumba), as well as GIANTS. The map may be used without questions in Livestreams. Another upload of this or a version which is based on this is prohibited. The map was originally uploaded to the ModHoster and should only be downloaded via this link. (It is often tried to make money on portals like uplaoded with stolen mods, but I would like this map to be free for everyone, which is why you should only download it directly at ModHoster) The wonderful forest was created by Shoebeck. The rights of buildings and textures lie with GIANTS or the respective modders: Eribus, Agrarteam Franconia, T0xic0M
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