Peasantville 2 16X Production Multifruit v2.3 for LS 19

LS 19 Maps

Peasantville 2 16X Production Multifruit v2.3 for LS 19

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** Multi fruit error fieldmanager.lua (564) fixed

Must have the files from V2.2, this is only an update, download V2.2 and overwrite all files with V2.3

Special thanks to :

Cimba for the skins and farm signs

Hicks “Increase max fruit types to 63 from 31”

Bashers farm for design of the new multi husbandry farm, Sheep, Pigs, Horses and Chickens with sheds, silo, gates and fencing.

The managers of discord and the dedicated server


Eric Be Rollin



in addition a big thank you to all the members of discord and those that report errors and issues

The most up to date maps and custom mods for Peasantville can be found in the Peasantville Discord group.

V2.3 Multifruit ***MAJOR UPDATE***
Majority of this update is XML changes, MAJOR UPDATE fixes multi fruit error only seen after many hours of gameplay
-New map preview and icon by Cimba,
-Multi fruit error fieldmanager.lua (564) fixed thanks to LS Mapping Team special thank you to [LSMT] Opa Andre of the LS Mapping Team, make sure to check out their amazing mods and maps.
-All farm buildings can now be sold including the farm houses
-Store name errors for owned farm building fixed
-New fruit sell points changed to be more balanced, added compost and other sale points for digestate etc.
-Updated Global Company Icons
***New map additions***
-New underground section in the middle of the map
Cargill Space Center, 3 additional sell points,
-Gas station
If you did not download V2.2 you must download V2.2 and overwrite with V2.3 to have all the required mods.

Peasantville 2 16x V2.3 (updated map & global company icons, addtion of a multi fruit harvester and crude oil tanker)

V2.2 Multifruit

All road tunnel entrances completed.

Additional signs and road markers.

Space center underground commercial area updated,

updated oil refrinery (crude in, deisel out) now accepts pallets and liquid crude oil

4 oil pumps added, total of 5 crude oil pumps

updated majority of the cities/town, sidewalks, fencing etc.

Additional gras and texture fixes


V2.1 Multifruit

Millet, Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Lettuce, Rye, Spelt, Clover, Carrot, Onion, Poppy, Hemp, Hops, Tobacco, Compost, Crude Oil

Oil Pump Jack (crude oil pick up) in liguid form, NOT PALLETS

sell points added for the above new fruit types


all farmer modes are corrected,

must own the farmlands to use the silo, gates and husbandry

farm, silo and husbandry ownership for multi player corrected.



New PDA map

New Farms

Textures and detail almost complete

alfalfa straw addon has been removed from the map for V2.0, and will remain a mod, to many scripts that can cause issues if giants updates certain features, this will remain a mod to make sure the map is always playable error free.



major changes and additions, including a new farm plus much more.

YOU MUST REMOVE STRAW ADDON MOD FROM MODS FOLDER, this includes the alfalfa straw addon, it is now included in the map.

A new map name, new savegame
thanks to Hicks “Increase max fruit types to 63 from 31”
1 new farm with a surprise in one of the sheds (specialty shed coming soon)
new buildings,
all husbandry must purchase the farmlands
must use all mods in zip folder


Central city additions , completed placeable factory industrial area

Majority of highway shoulders and grass has been fixed and textured

many other cosmetic changes and additions

New Savegame required.

Required Mods (included in zip folder)

Easy Shed Pack

Large Mechanic Shop

Michigan Farms Mainshed




pioneer sell point, unloading pier now wider

new pig barn, the last pig barn looked nice did not function well.

V1.7 (discord only release)



Cow Farm (2 large cow barns)

Pig Farm (2 large pig barns)

Chicken Farm (2 large chicken coops)

Main Farm (grain farm) only has a farm house

4 Buy Stations (buy all) at each city.

East City almost completed.

other minor decoration fixes and additions.

Please report any issues.

V1.6 map, read-me, and silo update (silo update is important, improved textures)

If you have any issues join discord and will assist you. Every reported problem of map crashing or not runing has been “TOO MANY MODS AND MAPS” in the same mod folder. Reccomend a mod folder switcher…..

I would like to thank everyone that have joined discord to reported issues

Huge thank you to Cimba for the new map preview picture, picking the new start up equipment, and most of all helping to work out all the bugs with peasantville 8x and so much more


Map FPS issus now corrected, 60 FPS at farm and around map.

I would like to thank everyone that have joined discord to reported issues

Huge thank you to Cimba for the new map preview picture, picking the new start up equipment, and most of all helping to make work out all the bugs with peasantville 8x and so much more.


Custom road signs

new oil refinery sell point

south city complete, empty spots for factories, only the little stuff remains, garbage cans and all the little tiny stuff

since you cant always be farming, off-road park with lake

removal of many trees

map optimizations


fixed, corrected alfalfa for dedi corrected alfalfa for ded

almost all trees and grass complete

added flying plane and helicopter and ships

map has further optimizations increase FPS

north city area complete

new save game required

all reported issues have also been fixed

V 1.3


Removed from XML

Auto Load trailers,Bread factorry, Diesel factory


Farmlands Complete

Now factories and vehicles are available in all start up modes!

3 New specialty sell points

2 Bio Gas plants (6 total)

all train silo and depot complete (capacity 20000000)

All train triggers corrected and verified (Train cars capacity is 1 million per grain/beet car)

Oil Pumps (12 Pre filled)

Oil Refinery

Magazine factory

Composite hall pack

the above mods PLUS other mod updates are in the file (Oil Pump, Oil Refinery, Large Farm Silo, Cat Pack), UNZIP and add all files to your mods folder.

Majority of the map is now complete, more trees, lights, signs and other cosmetics and functionality still to come.


NEW additions

First new fruit type: Alfalfa by shywizard

Large commercial storage facility near factories (north city), with dry, cold and bulk storage facilities., including A large ATC container yard.

Large sea port (total 3)


Large Race track

3 of 3 trains complete (train 3 can pick up from certain train 1 and 2 silos) allows use of trains for majority of the whole map and move products to main city.

Cat eyes, bumps and intersection barriers removed from highways

Plus many other additions,

mainly residential areas in city and some grass and trees remain to be completed

please report any issue

additional sell points

Race Track


FS19_GEO_peasantville BATA

V 1.0

10 Sell locations

1 Boi-Gas

2 Animal dealers

many gas stations


2 of 3 trains complete.




68 Fields (more fields in future)

fields of all kinds, flat , hilly, rough, smooth, small, medium, large and massive.

approx 13 feilds not in list

Field 1 (field01) : 3.980 ha

Field 2 (field02) : 15.980 ha

Field 3 (field03) : 4.000 ha

Field 4 (field04) : 16.040 ha

Field 5 (field05) : 81.090 ha

Field 6 (field06) : 68.715 ha

Field 7 (field07) : 324.180 ha

Field 8 (field08) : 36.000 ha

Field 9 (field09) : 4.000 ha

Field 10 (field10) : 4.020 ha

Field 11 (field11) : 3.990 ha

Field 12 (field12) : 36.030 ha

Field 13 (field13) : 4.010 ha

Field 14 (field14) : 15.980 ha

Field 15 (field15) : 35.940 ha

Field 16 (field16) : 16.000 ha

Field 17 (field17) : 713.892 ha

Field 18 (field18) : 265.702 ha

Field 19 (field19) : 72.210 ha

Field 20 (field20) : 16.040 ha

Field 21 (field21) : 36.060 ha

Field 22 (field22) : 64.080 ha

Field 23 (field23) : 16.040 ha

Field 24 (field24) : 16.040 ha

Field 25 (field25) : 18.045 ha

Field 26 (field26) : 9.015 ha

Field 27 (field27) : 9.015 ha

Field 28 (field28) : 9.030 ha

Field 29 (field29) : 9.030 ha

Field 30 (field30) : 26.681 ha

Field 31 (field31) : 5.784 ha

Field 32 (field32) : 5.808 ha

Field 33 (field33) : 5.784 ha

Field 34 (field34) : 5.784 ha

Field 35 (field35) : 16.095 ha

Field 36 (field36) : 64.040 ha

Field 37 (field37) : 16.020 ha

Field 38 (field38) : 21.527 ha

Field 39 (field39) : 4.020 ha

Field 40 (field40) : 4.020 ha

Field 41 (field41) : 4.020 ha

Field 42 (field42) : 4.030 ha

Field 43 (field43) : 4.020 ha

Field 44 (field44) : 4.020 ha

Field 45 (field45) : 25.050 ha

Field 46 (field46) : 31.519 ha

Field 47 (field47) : 13.014 ha

Field 48 (field48) : 16.080 ha

Field 49 (field49) : 29.859 ha

Field 50 (field50) : 19.404 ha

Field 51 (field51) : 19.404 ha

Field 52 (field52) : 64.080 ha

Field 53 (field53) : 4.020 ha

Field 54 (field54) : 4.020 ha

Field 55 (field55) : 4.030 ha

Field 56 (field56) : 4.030 ha

Field 57 (field57) : 4.060 ha

Field 58 (field58) : 4.060 ha

Field 59 (field59) : 4.020 ha

Field 60 (field60) : 36.802 ha

Field 61 (field61) : 18.403 ha

Field 62 (field62) : 23.609 ha

Field 63 (field63) : 16.040 ha

Field 64 (field64) : 40.874 ha

Field 65 (field65) : 59.242 ha

Field 66 (field66) : 46.150 ha

Field 67 (field67) : 28.256 ha

Field 68 (field67) : 30.979 ha

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