MTZ 82.1 v1.4.0.0 for LS19

LS 19 Tractors

MTZ 82.1 v1.4.0.0 for LS19

Version 1.4:
– Added floating front axle (tractors feel every bump);
– Added weight for front counterweights;
– Changed the mass of the tractor (the mass is close to real);
– Added the choice of the color of the plumage of the roof hatch;
– Added hood shields for MTZ 892 (Ic control).

Tractor MTZ 82 with the following changes:
– Added choice of modification: MTZ-82.1, MTZ-80.1, hood from MTZ-892, hood from MTZ-1523, hood from YuMZ-6kl;
– Added new paint colors: green, dark green, orange, dark blue;
– Rear wheel loaders;
– Flashing Light;
– Choice of counterweights;
– Choice of tractor design (torques and radio);
– The choice of the steering wheel of the tractor;
– Clean log.

Characteristics of MTZ-82:
– Power options: 81 – 105 HP;
– Maximum speed: 35 km / h.
– Gets dirty and worn out
– Cost: 12000 USD;

The kit includes a decent set of tools:
Front-end loader PFN 0.9:
– It is aggregated with MTZ 82;
– Cost: 2500 USD

Universal bucket 0.8:
– Aggregated with PFN 0.9;
– Cost: 550 USD;
– Capacity: 800 liters;
– Working width: 2.1 m.

Universal bucket:
– Aggregated with PFN 0.9;
– Cost: 1000 USD;
– Capacity: 1000 liters;
– Working width: 2.0 m.

Manure fork:
– Aggregated with PFN 0.9;
– Cost: 670 USD;
– Capacity: 1000 liters;
– Working width: 1.23 m.

Bale fork:
– Are aggregated with PFN 0.9;
– Cost: 360 USD

Pallet forks:
– Are aggregated with PFN 0.9;
– Price: 300 USD

About the hoods. The mod was made for myself, and does not pretend to be realism and authenticity.

Changed in 1.2:
– Removed the choice of the steering wheel (due to their size, the steering wheels did not fit into the grooves of the steering column);
– A hole in the right tank is closed;
– Added selection of safety cage for forestry;
– Updated nameplate MTZ 82.1;
– Updated the sound of the start of the D-243 engine;
– Minor fixes in the color palette;
– Added textures to the speakers.

Changed in 1.3:
– Added decals for MTZ 892 / 920.3;
– Edited design of MTZ 920.3;
– Fixed front hitch for counterweights (now everything clings correctly);
– Fixed rear linkage for MTZ 892 / 920.3;
– Added support for SimpleIC;
– Other minor fixes.

Никита Собченко
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