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Hello people,
everyone knows of the map “Project Mecklenburg” ?! When this map came to the download, we started up and played it in multiplayer on our Dedicatet server “DtP Farming”. After a few days we noticed that there was one or the other error as well as various beauty palms on the map. I immediately ran over and fixed various errors, problems, and installed a few new things on the map. Among other things the * “Chopped-Straw”. Likewise, the cultivator and fruit_density were scaled. The reason we did this were the lanes which can be reached with the “Pro Seed-mod”. The cow shed has now got a new crap plane and now stretches out over the entire stable, which now also must be mended The DirtArea was moved to the second stable. So now enough written. Here are the changelogs of the changes I have made so far.

Version 2.2.1
FPS-Drops if one direction direction Hof looks gefixt various buildings
under the map removed
Traffic-Splines relocates
Cars drive about 34 km / h
clean up folder
structures adapted faster loading the map
texturpfade files.jpg in .dds Changed texture paths
file extensions .png changed to .dds broken
attributes disappeared
ChoppedStraw gefixt
entry field 19 (meadow) smoothed
bales feed the cows I can not reproduce

Version 2.2.0
Various grasses removed from road
Fields adapted (deep holes)
TipColision added to the “Deko-Silo” (Kuhhof)
Added field numbers
New PDA map created
Fields complete with tramlines Intermediate wall
mounted in the mountain courtyard on the main
farm Field
adaptation adapted Seed- Production (Capacities) Extraction
Trigger Hof Silo
Field 1 enlarged
Various InfoIcons set

Version 2.2 pl1 ChoppedStraw
installed for ALL fruit varieties
cultivator_density scaled
fruit_density scaled
Trigger at the pet trade check (straw / hay)
cow shed Misttextur adjusted (complete stall must now be ausgemisstet)
Due to the dungtextur the “DirtArea” does not function anymore
cow pasture gate insert (open fence)
Water reservoirs of the pig fattening function (water can not be removed anymore)
Main yard place triggers outside (for cutters, etc.)
Cow yard decoration silos (empty)
Reset point of the mashines close to the court
Hoftore exchanged
Storeplaces adapted

Version 2.1
New silos at the BGA as well as Kuhhof installed
scale at the BGA Placed
trees placed at the BGA

A huge thanks goes to Luan for the release / BlackyBPG / Cosmic-HD / Trabi-TT Moding / PatrickEuroGaming / AntonFuchs / AndiScania TLS Modding / FQC / MaurerMatze / MarcModding / HaraldToth / Hirschi’s Agricultural & Forestry Service / Harald Schärl.
Likewise, I would like to thank (Mario) with my helpers, who have supported me so many times in the multiplayer and together with me the fields have sown again as well as created the lanes

DtP Mario | Luan for the release / BlackyBPG / Cosmic-HD / Trabi-TT Moding / Patrick EuroGaming / Anton Fuchs / AndiScania TLS Modding / FQC / Maureratze / MarcModding / Harald Toth / Hirschi\'s agricultural & forestry service / Harald Schärtl.
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  1. Christian says:

    diese map ist schön und gut sie funktoniert auch super , aber wenn es geht könntest du kleine feuerwache die es auf der Map gibt eventuel bisschen vergrößern von 2 toren auf vll 4 toren denn meine anderen fahrzeuge müssen draußen stehen ich bin mir sicher das es auch andere freuen würde DAKE

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