LS 22 John Deere 6R Small Frame North American Spec v1.0.0.0

LS 22 Tractors

LS 22 John Deere 6R Small Frame North American Spec v1.0.0.0

John Deere 6R Small Frame (2012-14, 2015-20)
“6R Series. Ultimate performance. Premium comfort. The small frame 6R Series are the smallest of the 6R tractors but offer all the same comfort, convenience and productivity – enhancing features you’ll find on the bigger models. Small…  but mighty.”

John Deere unveiled their John Deere 6R series to the world in 2012, and it brought along three frame sizes and three generations, the third of which is still in production today. The small frame 6R tractors of 2012 were the successors of the small frame 7030 series, and provided a modest horsepower range of 105hp to 125hp, while still offering the rugged, wide 6R frame and sitting just above its brothers the 6D and 6M series. In 2015, the 6Rs received updates, and that meant the small frame 6Rs were bumped up to a 110-130hp range. The 6Rs would be updated again in 2021, but as that series features a full facial uplift of the 6R tractor, it is not featured in this mod.

Engine Models
6105R – 105hp
6115R – 115hp
6125R – 125hp
6110R- 110hp
6120R – 120hp
6130R – 130hp

Transmission Options
PowerQuad Plus – Partial powershift with four ranges each containing four powershift gears | Ranges ABCDE | Gears 1234
AutoQuad Plus – Partial powershift with six ranges each containing four powershift gears; this transmission allows for a top speed of either 25mph or 31mph | Ranges ABCDEF | Gears 1234
AutoPowr IVT – Infinitely variable speeds from 0-25mph or 0-31mph

Wheel Configurations
Michelin – 2WD, 2WD 30, 2WD 30W, 2WD 30 Duals, 2WD 36, 2WD 36W, MFWD, MFWD 30, MFWD 30W, MFWD 30 Duals, MFWD 32, MFWD 32W, MFWD 32 Duals, MFWD 36, MFWD 36W
Firestone – 2WD 30, 2WD 30W, 2WD 30 Duals, 2WD 36, 2WD 36W, MFWD 30, MFWD 30W, MFWD 30 Duals, MFWD 32, MFWD 32W, MFWD 32 Duals, MFWD 36, MFWD 36W
Mitas – 2WD, MFWD
Nokian – 2WD Communal, MFWD Communal

Additional Configurations
Front Loader – None, Hood Guard, Aloe, John Deere
Fenders – None, Front, Rear, Both
Beacons – None, Front Left, Front Right, Both Front, Rear Left, Rear Right, Both Rear, All
Exhaust – Black, Stainless Steel, Chrome
GPS – None, Starfire Prep, Starfire 6000

Conversion Changelog
– Removed EU weights, fixed NA weights
– Removed all unused parts from i3d
– Changed rear hitch from EU to NA specification
– Separated fenders out from multiple extra cabs to condense i3d parts
– Added hood guard as stand-alone option (will still allow front loader attachment, this was needed to make this option functional)
– Added cab configuration (4 post or 6 post ROPS)
– Completely redid wheel configurations from scratch
– Redid the lights to have proper US flashers and worklights
– Added transmission consoles on the interior for transmission configurations.

Original Creator - unknown FS19 - AJ Bentley, Scooter\\\\\\\'s Workbench, McKnight Modding FS22 - Skywalker Farms, Custom Modding (tires), 46Mods (2WD axle), Dince Modding (transmission consoles)
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