LS 22 Goldcrest Valley 22 Map v2.0.0.0

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LS 22 Goldcrest Valley 22 Map v2.0.0.0

Welcome to Goldcrest Valley. This is conversion of Goldcrest Valley, base map from FS17.

Changelog v2.0.0.0
All new objects from Elmcreek have been removed and replaced with old objects from fs17 with new textures and windows illuminations, including cow, pig and sheep barn.
Added following productions: Cakery, Carpentry, Dairy, Bakery, FriesShop, Ketchup Production, Pancake Shop, Pizzeria, Popcorn Factory, Power Station, WafflesShop.
Ground textures have been repainted.
Pine and spruce trees have been replaced for FS17 ones as they were in Goldcrest Valley from FS17.
Added 6 small farms across the map. All object from that farms can be sold once you purchase that farmland.
Added second train.
BGA is not producing Electric Charge anymore. Instead of that Methane that is produced can be transported, sell or use.
Added second Bunker Silo at BGA.
Added Natural Gas Power Plant. It will produce Electricity which is sell directly. For operating Power Plants you will need Methane and Transformer Oil which you can buy in shop, pallets category.
Goldcrest Pacific Grain will take your corn as well, and produce corn flour, which can be sold or sent to our local Bakery where you can make Corn bread.
For production of Popcorn , you will need sea salt, which you can buy in the store.
One of the Ingredients for make pizza is Oregano which you can buy in the shop.
Added Alfalfa, Clover and Soybeans Straw. Thanks to Lancyboi.
Removed French translations.
Some of the current selling points have been replaced.
Most of the decorative buildings that are placed on arable land or forest, can now be sold after purchasing the land.
Sawmill and carpentry now can be sold.
Farmlands repainted.
Custom licence plates.

Map contains:
33 fields
7 sell points including train sell point
Wood train sell point
5 production buildings
6 purchasable forests
In new player mode, you get a prebuilt farm with cow barn, sheep barn, chicken barn and machines.

Have a lot of fun

Changelog v1.0.0.1
Added collectibles.
Added pig barn.
Sheep barn fence is now saleable.
Removed non saleable shed at sheep barn.
Farm barn is now saleable.
Farm ground borders are now part the farm house, so they can be sold.
Added missing platform at train wood loading station, removed pile of wood and parked cars.
Added missing concrete floor at Gas Station.
Reduced price of BGA and added bunker silo.
Fixed terrain deform on the road at the dairy.
Fixed and repainted ground in the barn at main farm.
Replaced texture of concrete.

New savegame is required

Changelog v1.0.0.2
All farmlands now can be bought.

New game save is not required.
Your old save game will NOT work after this update, so new save game is required.

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