LS 22 Case IH Magnum 340 – 400 Series Special Edition FL v1.1.0.3

LS 22 Tractors

LS 22 Case IH Magnum 340 – 400 Series Special Edition FL v1.1.0.3

Case IH Magnum 340 – 400 Series Special Edition FL:
– Base price: $312,000
– Engine configurations from 374-886 Hp.
– Added additional tire configurations.
– Animated steering column tilting and added realistic sounds when entering tractor.
– Tractor, interior, seat, and rims color selectable (63 custom added colors in addition to the standard base game colors.)
– Custom modeled LED beacon lights and an also custom modeled LED beacon light bar on the tractor. All activated by the default beacon light button.
– Added a frontloader and mount.

CaseIH Frontloader:
– Base price: $10,000
– Can be configured to have frontloader, telehandler, or wheelloader attachments.
– Frame and hydraulic cylinders are color selectable with many added color choices.
– Pairs great with my FS22_largeShovel and FS22_TelehandlerForks mods.

Lizard Lead Filled Weight 7500 kg:
– Do you have a really big load to lift but other weights are just not enough ballast? There will not be much that this weight can’t balance out! Constructed from cast iron and lead filled for extra weight without sacrificing space.
– Weight – 7,500 Kg (16,534 Lbs.)
– Base price: $6,450

– Added additional engine configurations to give the player the option to choose having the updated engine sounds or the original engine sounds.
– Engine descriptions labeled with a “1” such as “Magnum 400 PowerDrive Twin Turbo1”, will have the original engine sounds.
– Engine descriptions labeled with a “2” such as “Magnum 400 PowerDrive Twin Turbo2”, will have the first new updated engine sounds.
– Engine descriptions labeled with a “3” such as “Magnum 400 PowerDrive Twin Turbo3”, will have the second new updated engine sounds.

– Fixed issue that the frontloader mount would cause some tools to “stick” to the mount when detaching when configured with the frontloader attacher. (particularly with my FS22_LargeShovel mod).
– Fixed the issue where the capacity of the saddle tanks would still show on the hud while not configured with the tanks.
– Fixed the issue that the saddle tanks were unable to be unloaded.
– Added Un-realistic capacity configurations to the saddle tanks.
– Added many additional color choices.
– Edited engine sounds.
– Fixed engine model decals showing wear. (metallic looking when worn)

– Fixed issue that the colors would show up as white when configured as Polished Aluminum, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, and Chrome.
– Fixed issue that the engine configuration decals would glitch through other decals.
– Raised the braking force for the higher HP engine configurations.
– Added front wheel weights to various wheel configuration options.
– Added Isaria Pro Compact Sensor as an added configuration. (Only available with Precision Farming).
– Added additional tire type configurations.
– Added many additional wheel weight options.
– Added Fertilizer Saddle Tanks as additional configuration. Capacity 1,800 liters.
– Added 3 tinted window options as an additional configuration.
– Added additional strobe light color options.

– Fixed issue that only half the strobe lights would light up when activated.
– Upgraded the strobe lights to include red and blue strobes as an added configuration.
– Fixed issue with “floating” decals.

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