LS 22 Agricultural Land v1.0.7.0

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LS 22 Agricultural Land v1.0.7.0

The map is integrated under the mandatory Production Revamp mod!

– On the map, you can collect a collection of toys, as well as on the default one;
– New crops – alfalfa, buckwheat, carrots, onions, clover, hops, flax, mustard, peas, raspberries, rye;
– 110 new types of products;
– There are 15 factories and 7 orchards;
– Meat Factory (Pork, Beef, Lard, Cow Skin)
– Orchards: apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, cherry, sweet cherry;
– Bakery (9 types of bread);
– Brewery (2 types of beer and kvass);
– Carpentry (empty pallets, barrels);
– Dairy plant (Kefir, yogurt, condensed milk);
– Grain cleaning, grain dryer;
– Flour mill (10 types of flour);
– Cereal plant (7 types of cereals, 4 types of flakes);
– Oil extraction plant (Linseed oil, cake, default oils);
– Cannery (9 types of juice);
– Sawmill (timber, chipboard, paper);
– Sewing factory;
– Sugar factory (cane sugar, beet sugar, bagasse, pulp);
– Winzavod (6 types of wine);
– All standard products that were made in standard factories have been removed or redone;
– Grain that is immediately removed from the field, not cleaned or dried, costs 5% less;
– Changed the temperature on the map;
– Cake was added to the mono-mixture recipe for animals, you can buy it, or get it from the oil extraction plant;
– From flax you can get raw flax straw, which must be dried with a tedder, then you can pack it in bales, then sell it or use it in a garment factory;
– Raspberries and Hops are planted in the same way as olives / grapes, and harvested with the same harvester, but a separate harvester is needed for each type (the convention of the game, perhaps in the future it will be redone);
– Onions and carrots require their own harvester. You can buy in the CARROT and ONION section in the store;
– By default, only 2 factories, a mill and a bakery are placed on the map, the rest of the factories can be bought through the menu;
– There are many sites on the map that you can buy and place your objects there;
– Animals on the map are not placed by default, everyone can put it as it pleases;
– There is a BGA for 1 MW that you can buy;
– Compost is made from organic waste, bran, bagasse, waste that can be obtained from factories (mill, cereal factory, sugar factory) then you need to buy a special compost pit, and just like silo, you need to compress and wait for fermentation (compost is needed in gardens);
– Fuel prices were raised from 1.250 to 6.200 per ton, because in our opinion 1.250 is not enough, and it is practically not noticeable against the background of everything, a diesel plant will be added in the future (we are also testing with fuel prices);
– There are 79 fields on the map, from 0.4 HA to 135, with a total size of 1016 HA, both smooth and curved, for every taste;
– There are forest areas ranging from 300 to 4.500 trees, the total number of trees is about 10.000;
– The map is not littered with unnecessary decor, and has good performance;
– Card size: 4x;
– There is car and pedestrian traffic.
– There are 2 trains on the map, for the transportation of grain, equipment, and the export of grain abroad.

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