HAGENSTEDT V1.1.2.0 LS2017

HAGENSTEDT V1.1.2.0 LS2017

This is the map of Farming Simulator 2013.

– Changed bushes of FS13 by FS17. (
– Changed several FS13 trees by FS17. (
– Added ridgy boy to vehicle shed. (
– Adjusted trigger cow feeders (fixed problem with Lely Juno). (
– Fixed point visit gas station near shop. (
– Changed ground texture in the village area. (
– Added 2 more farms! (
– Fixed position parking card in Biogas Plant. (
– Lower trigger collision in sheep feeding area. (
– Reajusted dirtArea in sheep feeding. (
– New PDA map. (
– Adapted for Seasons. (

– Fix in terrain. (
– Repositionated Goldnudget near pig zone. (

– Adjusted for update v1.5.1.0 (
– Added sugarCane to sell points. (
– Added sugarCane to Farm Silo. (

– Adjusted Nav Mesh Sheeps. (
– Added animal position to trough sheeps. (
– Added animal position to trough cows. (
– Fixed size fermentation zone in bunker cow. (
– Fixed fertilizer recharging point in garden center and FarmShop. (
– Included golf flag placeable. (
– Golf field illuminated in the night. (
– Changed the Clip Distance in various objects for improve performance. (

– Deleted support to Seasons (problem in consoles). (
– Farm silos expanded. (

– Repaint zone cows and sheeps. (
– Added support to Seasons (only avalible in PC). (
– Added support to Chopped Straw (only avalible in PC). (

– Changed location gold nugget in dairy. (
– Some tracks have been adjusted in loading dock. (
– Fixed point of sale FreightYard (Send the train to receive payment). (
– Recalculated size in all fields. (
– Reset position for the appearance of mission vehicles in all fields. (
– Readjusted large feeder plane of cows. (
– Added Workshop in farm area (Only new savegame). (

– Delete various trees near of Mill. (
– Added icon store on PDA. (
– Replacement parked cars. (
– Added refill tank for liquid fertilizer in Farm, Garden Center and Farm Shop. (
– Fixed problem with water in the port (

– Changed position various goldnugets, now it’s less fun 🙁 (
– Fixed rigid body in cow feed. (

– Delete Chopped Straw for compatibility on consoles. (
– Adjusted material for compatibility on consoles. (

– Fix trigger sell straw. (

– Added GoldNuggets… Find them!! (
– Lowered some trees of the sky. (
– Fixed respawn point in sell points. (
– Added train for logs in the Port. (
– Added train grain to Freightyard. (
– Other minor fixes. (

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