Felsbrunn v1.0.0.0 for FS19

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Felsbrunn v1.0.0.0 for FS19

Today I would like to introduce you to the map I am playing.
After a long map search I decided to get active myself.
Since I personally like to play the Felsbrunn, I took a look at the map and edited it a bit.

What I won’t be banning:
Maize plus
Manure System (it’s cool,but you can use that over placeables)
Why did I make the map like this?
I have all my factories placeable, my farm placeable and and.
Now I looked at various maps and kept going back to the Felsbrunn.
Then I found the traffic too slow, the terrain editor too lean, and not enough room to place all my buildings.
And that’s exactly what I wanted to do with my own rock well.
It’s not my goal to blast this map full of everything the mod community has to offer.
My goal is to expand the default map with features that are important to me,
such as the possibilities in the terrain editor
What was done:
Shop area fenced in
Port to the north fenced in and redecorated. Space created for placeables
Ledli is now LIDL
The petrol stations are now Shell petrol stations
Deco ships have been added to both ports
Trees replanted, from the hill by the grain mill. (space created see screenshot)
The small yard on the left, near the cattle dealer, has been changed a bit. The gate at the main driveway was removed, so that you can better build and drive on the yard.
2 concrete slabs were buried at the road, with the terrain editor,
you can now build perfect driveways there without compromising the sidewalk/bike path.
At my favorite little wooded area, I planted a few more trees.
Compost has been added to the map and you can use it to fertilize
Traffic was made 20 kmh faster and adjusted accordingly,
so now 50 kmh
3,5 Tonner in the KI traffic obstructed

The terrain editor had little to offer, so new options were needed:
Dynamic mud
other ground textures

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