Deutz D80 four-wheel drive V 1 LS 17

LS 17 Tractors

Deutz D80 four-wheel drive V 1 LS 17

Hello Community, it’s time again !!
Another restored 6-cylinder iron pig from long gone days is ready in front of the workshop. A Deutz D80 four-wheel year 1965!

But it is not just any D80, but the last D80 that came off the line in January 1965 before the series was seamlessly incorporated into the 05 series. But at this point our object of desire was not yet equipped with four-wheel drive but more on that later

Jez first thing about the tractor … ..
The D 80 was intended as a six-cylinder only for large-scale operations and hauliers, which can be seen in the small number of only 64 built models. He was the first six-cylinder tug from German production. There are two abnormalities through which you can recognize the D 80, these are the split exhaust manifold and the split bonnet. In virtually unchanged form, the D 80 was adopted in the 05 series and continued as D 8005. The tractor was powered by an air-cooled four-stroke inline six-cylinder diesel engine type KHD F6L 812 with 5,104 cc and 75 hp.

And what have we made there jez again?! …… why has the four-wheel?
So we found the remains of a rusty D80 that had suffered a broken axle.

In the search for a new front axle we came across a Güldner four-wheel front axle with all attachments and knew it was a long night but it was worth it

What can the cart jez eig?! What is all installed?! … ..

Model of Giants from the Ls13 Classics of Agriculture Dlc Restoration
April 2018
-Ic Control
-Animated Indoor Script (Ifko)
-Complete Interior Animated including hand throttle and gear shift
-Gearbox and Oilchange mod Ready-
Axis, Cardan shaft and PTO mounts animated gear block
Propeller shaft installed -deck and roll bar installed (bluepuma)
-deck completely controllable via IC … ..
-FL tools are included including a homemade dung fork the Oldenfarm has built
-Dynamic pants (2xdruckluft 3xHydraulik 1xElektro)
-Ackerschiene and new Zugmaul
-Weight block
treaded and adapted -Wheel louvres via design
configuration -Motor configuration (It is possible to install the 85hp engine of the D9005)
-Track configuration (standard tires, nursing tires, wide tires)
-Optional with soft top, roll bar and without nothing at all
-32km / h fast
-Animated Speedometer Instruments
-New Sound (RetroFarmer)

The mod is not perfect … .but over small quirks the oldtimer lover has to see out there … as in real life

To get into the full enjoyment of all features please use Gearbox and Oilchange mod !!!!!!
The conversion was carried out by Dani86 and Oldenfarm

Who finds fault can gladly report by PM.
The same applies to release related things !!! PN !!!
Comments in this regard are ignored

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