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Update V2.0.1.0
Link updated 24/11/2017

fix V 1050 grass config
fix ground adaptation 12 m maize header
Added MaxFlow header for grass
Missonen only possible with Maxflow and corn cutting plants
2. Link is the Drescher without grass, as some use the pack wollwn on maps that have reached the limit of Giants for heaps and because the grass threshing is not possible

I’m not a modder but just a bum, so look it up if everything is not perfect. And thank you SnookiSnu for the nice video.
Content of the pack:

Lexion 740/750
Lexion 750/760
Lexion 770/780/795
Vario reapers V 750, V 900, V 1050, V 1230 and V 1350
MaxFlow cutting unit
Campello Quasar HS 16
to the pack there is much to tell you look at the best video of SnookiSnu where the mod is presented.
Since I did not find any Lexion in the whole LS I really liked it I made a mistake to fumble me together and annoy the team of MW with it to help me

Autocontour installed on all cutting units
Rain sensor for windscreen wiper installed
IC installed for div. Parts installed
Model in Maya sniped to create animations extend the ladder
Cylinder for raising and lowering the inclined conveyor exchanged
Admission script installed
Passenger installed
dynamic pants on cutting unit carriage
Light processed, added beams (only visible from 8 to 7 pm)
Joystick animated
Rebuilt volume and adapted to the grain tank
Schemas changed
Cutters adapted so that even only rapeseed with rape knife to Threshing, except MaxFow that drips everything
Grass Threshing added (Grass seeds can be stored in the yard silo or filled in seed bags or you can simply sell it Script adds grass seed to sales points
and much more just watch the video
and please read the description in the shop at the cutting units
the MaxFlow has a color choice to match the skins of the Lexion
Oh yes, and who thinks threshing grass would be unrealistic I’ve also picked out a video somewhere, yes, the grass seed must come or?
Unfortunately, it was not otherwise, but only the Lexion 770 in basic configuration is available on missions, with the MaxFlow in the missions where threshing grain is concerned.
so I have finished and wish you much fun with it.

Model: Vasilisvasilis31, LexikCZ, DZ Modding CZ, Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design
Texture: LexikCZ - Czech Modding LS, Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design
Script: LexikCZ - Czech Modding LS, Ls Jira Cz
Idee: Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design
Testing: Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design, Agrargenossenschaft Grabfeld
Umbau / Änderung:
V8Bolle, Ifko[nator], Zetor6245, Madjack, Blacky, Alex2009, Manuel Leithner, Crouwler, Giants, fruktor, Rival, FBM, JD Power und da-hoffi, SnookiSnu danke für das Video.
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