Black Mountain v3.0 for LS19

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Black Mountain v3.0 for LS19

Although i have done a ton of work to this map i still give all the credit to the original map author because without his amazing map none of this would have been possible.

V3 changes
You can now paint grass with the landscape tool.
Added lots more room for placeables.
Added even more tree types and more trees in general.
Totally reworked the sawmill.
Added new areas to the map for some nice yarder logging.
Added some flatter terain for lots more harvester logging.
You can now purchase the entire map to make snow removal better.
Cleaned up the main farm area, got rid of the junk.

There is so much more i did with the smaller details that i wont bore with the details, youll just have to look for yourself.

Id like to give a huge thank you to my testing crew, Jason Williams A.K.A. Poor Boy Logging for the fantastic job of testing the map, Unlike most so called testers he really digs into a map with the sole purpose of finding problems and reports them back in detail so if you find anything wrong then its my fault for not listening to And i also have to thank Neale Green A.K.A PappaSmurf. Without his help with map building in FS 19 i may have just given up on maps all together. He helped me figure out the new land buying system as well as how to add grass to maps that dont have it, he is the one who put the paintable grass in this map and also fixed some errores that i overlooked. His help has been invaluable over the last couple of years. Testers never get the credit they deserve for all the time and effort that they too put into these maps. So thank you guys very much.

I do suggest using the place anywhere mod or the global company mod so you dont have any issues placing object.

This map has BIG trees and will require a modded harvester to cut them, they are all over by now. FBM, FDR,and myself have posted them.

I hope you enjoy this version as much as i enjoyed making it.

HOOT and ACME ACRES for the edit
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