Bale Stacks Placeable v1.0.0.0 for FS2017

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Bale Stacks Placeable v1.0.0.0 for FS2017

Have something made again, which one or the other may well use.

Note in own thing:
Who plays the Hof Bergmann Map Please use the bale addon to the map, this can be found in the downloads of the Hof Bergmann Map.

These are Placeable Bales Stack based on the StorageHouse Script. The stacks are placed on the map and serve as a ball bearing, which has the advantage it protects the performance as the bales in the camp lose their momentum and looks good too. Please do not be fooled by the pictures, the bale stacks contain no bales after purchase, these must be filled first.

Basic information:
All stacks have a purchase price of 100 €. The stacks can be found in the shop under Placeable.

Contents of the pack:
Straw round bale stack (capacity: 54 pieces)
Hay round bales stack (capacity: 54 pieces)
Grass round bales stack (capacity: 54 pieces)
Straw square bales stack (capacity: 180 pieces)
Hay square bales stack (capacity: 180 pieces)
Grass square bales stack (capacity: 180 pieces)

A big thank you goes to GTX (Andy) of LS-ModCompany who developed the StorageHouse Script. To the internal testers and Snookie Snu for the Modvorstellung.

Mod: Farmer Andy
Script: GTX (Andy)
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