LS 22 AutoDrive V2.0.0.5 + AutoDrive Course Editor

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LS 22 AutoDrive V2.0.0.5 + AutoDrive Course Editor

This mod can be used to create a network of routes for vehicles to drive autonomously. Once setup you can tell a tractor that is standing anywhere close to the network to drive to any point, such as the shop, field 1 or to a sell point.

AutoDrive Course Editor


Java version greater than 13 is required. JRE or JDK are both possible.


The Editor works with configs generated by the FS19 + FS22 versions of the mod.

Start AutoDrive Course Editor

The editor can be started using the supplied CMD file: “Open Editor with Console to see errors.cmd”. The editor can also be started from the command line: java -jar -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m .AutoDriveEditor.Jar

The editor will create the log file autoDriveEditor.log, which is used for later troubleshooting. This file has a maximum size of 20MB. A maximum of 3 version files are then created.

Map Images

I maintain another repository of map images that are ready to use with the editor.

Download AutoDrive_MapImages-main file below in zip pack.

AutoDrive Course Editor V2.0.0.5

Bugfixes and improvements:

Route network debugging extended by “4_” for double-sided routes #259

1_ = End of a one-way route without connection
2_ = Angle for driving backwards is greater than 90°
3_ = Start of a one-way route without connection
4_ = Start or end of a two-way line without connection (new)

REC function makes the game “freeze” #337
Route recording with e.g. a wheel loader led to a LUA error #301 & #377
Avoid moving waypoints in map view from helper menu #303
Fruit bypass improved by detection of new grass in FS22 #184
Consideration of mass instead of m³ for fill level detection of unloader (can be activated in LS22 options)
Improved cooperation of unloader with potato harvester #311
Pathfinding to thresher starts too early (tube not yet fully extended) #419
Unloader does not drive backward after unloading #315
Various bugfixes and improvements to helper system when CP passed to AD #322
Optimization regarding transfer to CoursePlay for start at the first or continuation at the last CoursePlay waypoint
Unloader does not wait for turning maneuver from CoursePlay #326
Improvement for CoursePlay chopper regarding chasing
AD does not pass to CoursePlay in MP when you are in the vehicle yourself #368
Disable CoursePlay button in AD modes “Drive” and “Unload” #385
“Click to switch” (vom CP-Team) was fixed #355
Improvement of folding vehicles and attachments, folding is now activated by default, deactivate experimental switch in case of problems!
Transported equipment, which is not coupled, is also repaired if it belongs to the yard of the transport vehicle (e.g. cutting units on a wagon)
In-game ball collectors can be unloaded when passing through a “bale” trigger (Pickup&Deliver)
In case of automatic selection for the unloading side or unloading side=back, it is tried not to use the grain pusher
IVT gearbox has no power on the hill #371
The wage level for the helper is taken from the game, other settings e.g. from mods are thus calculated correctly #398
Route Manager partially stopped working (Procedure: Start game, save + quit and then move everything from “autoDrive” to modSettingsFS22_AutoDrive)
Collision detection improved when reversing #274
Reversing with cutterbar wagon does not work #340
Drive-through silo problem with unloading too slow at the beginning #194
Problem with backward unloading when setting small silo distances (10m) fixed #347
Shopauswahl für das Kaufen und Verkaufen lässt sich in “Abladen” nicht de- und aktivieren (blaue Hängersymbole), wird bei Modus-Wechsel immer deaktiviert #297
Automatic store selection for buying and selling cannot be de- and activated in “Unload” (blue trailer icons), will be always deactivated when changing mode #297
Working light is switched on during loading and unloading as well as driving in silos if activated -> default on (Non-functional settings) #392
Improved calculation of the curve radius
Mod conflict “grease” fixed, is not supported #418
Corrected calculation in getTractorTrainLength
Drivers are controlled by FillUnit, no longer by vehicle (better recognition of e.g. swap bodies/add-ons)
Fixed several LUA bugs

not fixed:

For self-driven tankers diesel is not shown as loadable good, check still open #233
“Vehicle drives to refuel” but then stops at AiO silo #188


AD can load and unload pallets, bags and bales via AutoLoad-Mod from Achimobil, please use latest version of it!

For a little thank you
If you like our work, feel free to buy us a coffee (of which we drink quite a lot )
But remember, this is absolutely not required. We value any issues and feature requests the same!
And to all who do donate: Thank you very much
Stephan (Founder & Modder):

Axel (Co-Modder)
Iwan1803 (Community Manager, Supporter & Tester)

AutoDrive Course Editor Changelog Update to v0.90.0

Added support for larger map sizes
Added internal support for variable size heightmaps
Added option to export a heightmap to use as the default heightmap
Node size can now be configured ( only through config in this version, next version preferences window)
Height Maps will be automatically downloaded and used if they are found on the MapImages GitHub
Fixed connection arrows not scaling properly to node size
Adjusted some locale strings
Minor bug fixes

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